Who is Spatial Marketing

Spatial Marketing is a niche marketing agency helping marketers, ad agencies and businesses to strengthen their marketing strategies through the use of geo-locational analytics of their customers, business assets and wider population. With over 15 years marketing experience, we know how an effective marketing campaigns works. We also understand the requirements behind a great marketing campaign from a marketing, finance and operational perspective.

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We help you make informed marketing and business decisions based on data modelling and useful insights.

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What is Spatial Analysis?

Spatial Analysis (sometimes known as geo-location anlaytics) is the process of adding geography to data. This enriches the information for the purpose of analysis in time as well as space. (A bit nerdy but lots of fun).

When you also add other information such as demographic, economic and socio data, the insights you can obtain can be very powerful for your business and marketing campaigns.

The 3 key aspects of using spatial analysis as part of your marketing strategy:

Identify customers and competitors

Locate Customers And Competitors

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and competitors and how they correlate to your sales. Identify where areas of high and potential conversions are.

Propensity Modelling

Improve Your Modelling

Utilise your data and blend it with ours and we can create bespoke propensity models that can identify future areas of opportunity.

Decision Making

Improve Decision Making

Reduce the risk spending your valuable campaign dollars in the wrong location and media and show the business your marketing dollar is an investment.

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Our Services

Spatial & Data Analysis

Spatial Analytics is our niche. Whether it’s understanding who your current and future customers are or what the potential behind a campaign is when targeting particular geographies. When you add a spatial dimension to data, more insights appear and you have the data to back up your strategy.

Mapping & Data Visualisation

Step ahead of your competition and visualise your data. Relying on the spreadsheets only provides you with some insights. Visual data provides an additional benefit to more easily comprehend and explain your objective and strategy to non-data orientated team members.

Marketing Consultation

Marketing Strategy is second nature to us. Sometimes, all you need is an objective and experienced third party to look over your strategy. Our experience stretches across finance, insurance, telco, broadcast, retail, technology, not-for-profit, aged-care and childcare. We provide short and long term support.


Our Expertise

Our expertise is unique within the Marketing Industry. A combination of 15 years marketing, data and Geographic Information Science (GIS) allows Spatial Marketing to view business objectives through multiple lenses at the same time. This allows ours clients to have access to a stronger, more cohesive ways of working when compared to performing the same task in-house across multiple departments.

Locational Analysis

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Strategy



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To find out more about Spatial Marketing and the services we offer and how we can help you, simply use the link on this page to email us with your details and James will be in touch.

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